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The Cobb District Attorney’s Race By Precincts

Democrat Flynn Broady defeated incumbent Republican District Attorney Joyette Holmes in the November 3 2020 general election.

This is the fifth of our series looking at the election results in Cobb at the precinct level. To read the previous articles visit our precinct results series page.

Of all the countywide races won by Democrats in the blue sweep of the county, the race between Broady and Holmes had the narrowest margin of victory. With Broady at 51.34 percent and Holmes at 48.66 percent, the margin of victory was 2.68 percent.

For comparison, the margin of victory in the race for Clerk of Superior Court was 4.12 percent, in the race for chairmanship of the Board of Commissioners 6.3 percent, and for Sheriff a whopping 10.48 percent.

Here is a screenshot of the distribution of precincts won by Broady or Holmes taken from the Cobb County election results web page (Holmes precincts are coded in green, Broady’s precincts in dark blue):

Note in the southern portion of the county, that in addition to Vinings 04 (the only consistently Republican-leaning precinct that far south in the county), Holmes picked up usually Democratic-leaning precinct Mableton 04.

Mableton 04 is one of the most evenly matched Cobb precincts between Democrats and Republicans, but the Broady-Holmes race was the only contest in the November 3 election where the Republican won the precinct.

So what accounts for the relative popularity of Joyette Holmes, who like Warren, is part of the Cobb County criminal justice system?

Holmes had built relationships with many Democratic activists, and received endorsements from some prominent Democratic activists and political figures, including incoming Cobb Board of Education member Leroy Tre’ Hutchins, Powder Springs City Councilwoman Doris Dawkins, and former Democratic State Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan.

She also built good will with her work on record expungement for people who had been accused of felonies but not convicted.

She had also, however, come under criticism from some Democratic criminal justice reform activists for what they viewed as her inadequate handling of the investigation into the death of Kevil Wingo in the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.

Despite her defeat by Flynn Broady, she managed to break the 50 percent mark for margin of victory in one precinct she won, Marietta 4A, won a Democratic-leaning Mableton precinct, and did not get beaten as badly in the solidly Democratic precincts as incumbent Republican Sheriff Neil Warren did, which kept her overall margin of defeat narrower than Warren’s.

The narrowest margins of victory were both on the northern edge of the county, adjacent to Cherokee County: Wade Green 02, where Holmes eked out a 0.40 margin of victory, and Bells Ferry 03, where she won by a margin of 0.43 percent.

The widest margins of victory were Broady’s wins in heavily Democratic South Cobb precincts Bryant 01 and Bryant 02, by 76.62 and 73.82 percentage points.

So both the widest and narrowest margins of victory were on opposite north-south edges of the county.

Here is the complete list of precinct outcomes. To see the map of any precinct, click on the name.

PrecinctBroadyHolmesWinner in PrecinctMargin of Victory
Acworth 1A18622059Holmes5.02
Acworth 1B15612018Holmes12.77
Acworth 1C20901316Broady22.72
Addison 019021014Holmes5.85
Austell 1A2498754Broady53.63
Bells Ferry 0210161220Holmes9.12
Bells Ferry 03817824Holmes0.43
Bells Ferry 0411071535Holmes16.20
Big Shanty 01677899Holmes14.09
Big Shanty 0211031329Holmes9.29
Baker 0118451448Broady12.06
Birney 011066702Broady20.59
Birney 0217591107Broady22.75
Bryant 011292171Broady76.62
Bryant 022643398Broady73.82
Blackwell 019921014Holmes1.10
Chattahoochee 0126301190Broady37.70
Cheatham Hill 029051559Holmes26.54
Cheatham Hill 0314281818Holmes12.01
Chalker 0122991493Broady21.26
Clarkdale 01723511Broady17.18
Clarkdale 0224361154Broady35.71
Cooper 012446819Broady49.83
Chestnut Ridge 019911635Holmes24.52
Dickerson 019601372Holmes17.67
Dobbins 01983396Broady42.57
Dobbins 021659732Broady38.77
Dowell 0112141253Holmes1.58
Dodgen 016821052Holmes21.34
Durham 0110002450Holmes42.03
Davis 01724944Holmes13.19
Eastside 019531540Holmes23.55
Eastside 0212882010Holmes21.89
Elizabeth 011601829Broady31.77
Elizabeth 027711080Holmes16.69
Elizabeth 038641354Holmes22.09
Elizabeth 041166853Broady15.50
Elizabeth 059681266Holmes13.34
East Piedmont 011003839Broady8.90
Fair Oaks 0223871069Broady38.14
Fair Oaks 041743891Broady32.35
Fullers Park 0111341641Holmes18.27
Ford 017211796Holmes42.71
Frey 016581340Holmes34.13
Garrison Mill 019441352Holmes17.77
Gritters 0112671685Holmes14.16
Harmony-Leland 013522947Broady57.62
Harrison 017201762Holmes41.98
Hightower 0113772108Holmes20.98
Hayes 0110682149Holmes33.60
Kennesaw 1A816805Broady0.68
Kennesaw 2A12611421Holmes5.97
Kennesaw 3A24861732Broady17.88
Kennesaw 4A12801369Holmes3.36
Kennesaw 5A22252169Broady1.27
Kell 01636902Holmes17.30
Kemp 014731097Holmes39.75
Kemp 0211971957Holmes24.10
Kemp 038792312Holmes44.91
Lassiter 0111101839Holmes24.72
Lindley 0126541054Broady43.15
Lost Mountain 0111031853Holmes25.37
Lost Mountain 0210042488Holmes42.50
Lost Mountain 0314802822Holmes31.19
Lost Mountain 046881411Holmes34.44
Mableton 0122721228Broady29.83
Mableton 021317612Broady36.55
Mableton 031142989Broady7.18
Mableton 04609645Holmes2.87
Mabry 01438929Holmes35.92
Macland 012008905Broady37.86
Murdock 0113301971Holmes19.42
McEachern 0115021146Broady13.44
McCleskey 01553862Holmes21.84
McClure 018441724Holmes34.27
Marietta 1A1504836Broady28.55
Marietta 2A6181099Holmes28.01
Marietta 2B16891364Broady10.65
Marietta 3A14501715Holmes8.37
Marietta 3B1036304Broady54.63
Marietta 4A4011261Holmes51.74
Marietta 4B687822Holmes8.95
Marietta 4C7901464Holmes29.90
Marietta 5A1292748Broady26.67
Marietta 5B1143483Broady40.59
Marietta 6A1102435Broady43.40
Marietta 6B11291125Broady0.18
Marietta 7A1382432Broady52.37
Mars Hill 017032010Holmes48.18
Mars Hill 028821195Holmes15.07
Mt Bethel 0113152059Holmes22.05
Mt Bethel 0311081495Holmes14.87
Mt Bethel 049011490Holmes24.63
North Cobb 01837817Broady1.21
Nickajack 012473982Broady43.15
Norton Park 0118031312Broady15.76
Nicholson 017631050Holmes15.83
Oakdale 0115951417Broady5.91
Oregon 01497831Holmes25.15
Oregon 0225991192Broady37.11
Oregon 032131969Broady37.48
Oregon 0421351034Broady34.74
Oregon 0516201411Broady6.90
Pebblebrook 012516748Broady54.17
Powers Ferry 0111741316Holmes5.70
Pine Mountain 019021905Holmes35.73
Pine Mountain 026851911Holmes47.23
Post Oak 0110361874Holmes28.80
Pope 0110101499Holmes19.49
Palmer 017871211Holmes21.22
Powders Springs 1A23971163Broady34.66
Powders Springs 2A1684565Broady49.76
Powders Springs 3A1850824Broady38.37
Pitner 018971189Holmes14.00
Rocky Mount 0110371589Holmes21.02
Riverside 01951158Broady71.51
Roswell 0117932681Holmes19.85
Roswell 0212011842Holmes21.06
Sandy Plains 0110711224Holmes6.67
Shallowford Falls 0111171669Holmes19.81
Simpson 01604866Holmes17.82
Sewell Mill 0112631512Holmes8.97
Sewell Mill 0316511416Broady7.66
Smyrna 1A1777681Broady44.59
Smyrna 2A25581069Broady41.05
Smyrna 3A18991226Broady21.54
Smyrna 3B1016879Broady7.23
Smyrna 4A23422304Broady0.82
Smyrna 5A17751029Broady26.60
Smyrna 6A23832122Broady5.79
Smyrna 7A32931838Broady28.36
Sope Creek 016991107Holmes22.59
Sope Creek 0216301966Holmes9.34
Sope Creek 039061356Holmes19.89
Sweetwater 011322962Broady15.76
Sweetwater 021441493Broady49.02
Terrell Mill 0122561233Broady29.32
Timber Ridge 018201197Holmes18.69
Vaughan 017781743Holmes38.28
Vinings 011409878Broady23.22
Vinings 0226141754Broady19.69
Vinings 0319281271Broady20.54
Vinings 0410951516Holmes16.12
Wade Green 0217291743Holmes0.40
Willeo 019001421Holmes22.45


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