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New Georgia Bill Would Give Rent Control Authority to Cities, Counties

A state lawmaker from Jonesboro has introduced a bill that would allow Georgia cities and counties to enact rent control. “Obviously, we’re in a housing market crisis,” said state Rep. Eric Bell (D-Jonesboro). The housing boom has been great for those who can afford to buy into upgraded communities around metro Atlanta. But for those on the outside, he says it is a crisis. “Living in their cars. They go to work every day and still can’t find a nice place to lay their home,” Bell said Thursday.

Bell dropped a House bill that would allow communities in Georgia to enact rent control laws – which would limit rent increases levied by landlords. There’s a similar bill in the state Senate. Earlier this year, the state House passed a bill to require landlords to maintain weatherproof structures with working plumbing, running water, heating, ventilation and working locks. It has not passed the Senate.